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SEO is a process of arranging a web site so it appears at the top

The other battle among e-commerce businesses is taking place on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A site’s placement in a search engine can be the difference between a couple of sales per day or hundreds of sales. In the “good ‘ole days,” optimal search engine placement could be had by stuffing a site’s pages with popular, random keywords. However, search engines have become a lot smarter and employ secret, complicated formulas to determine where a site comes up in a given search.

One way to beat the “organic” search game is to pay for sponsored ads on a search engine (also known as Pay-Per-Click campaigns). With PPC campaigns, you can pay to have your ad come up on a search results page based on the keywords typed in by an online shopper. Effective PPC campaigns can drive tremendous traffic to your e-commerce site.

CreativeSurge can implement time-tested search engine optimization techniques and link-building strategies directly into your website. These are the exact same methods used by many firms who charge thousands of dollars to modify your website and promise you the world – or at least the top spot on Google.

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