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Leveraging Internet technologies to increase your revenues and profits.

  • LeadPile.com: Projects $100 billion USD in E-Commerce in the USA alone; still only 5% of the $2.1 trillion USD retail market with long way to grow
  • Growing at over 25% a year in past 5 years, reaching 86.3 billion USD in the USA alone
  • USA still represents less than 50% of the worldwide e-commerce market, with aggressive e-commerce growth in Europe, India, and China.

You can sit back and watch your colleagues and competitors take advantage of the Internet, or you can take action. It’s no longer enough for a web designer to plug your business into a generic shopping cart and sacrifice some important functionality you are seeking. CreativeSurge, with a decade of highly successful e-commerce development experience, can help you achieve your goals in the following ways:

  • develop secure, reliable online shopping solutions that allow your customers to complete purchases and manage orders online
  • develop solutions to help connect you with your suppliers and clients to conduct business securely
  • assist you in analyzing your business and transitioning towards an efficient paperless work environment
  • anything else you can imagineā€¦

Your road to e-commerce success begins with the critical first step: understanding. We take the time to understand your goals, your business, and your clients’ needs to develop a sensible solution. Your e-commerce project will be developed through our time-tested web development process.


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