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Branding & Identity

The persona behind your business

With a bad persona, even the lowest prices cannot save your business. Clients simply won’t do business if they have a bad impression of your company. And with the Internet, it is now possible for the smallest new business to compete against a large corporation… because in a virtual environment, most clients never know just how small you are.

Your corporate identity is your consistent collection of logos, slogans, colors, and typeface. Consistency is the keyword, because your corporate identity will portray an impression of your company:

  • are you professional and reliable?
  • do you have the experience and expertise in your field?
  • will you provide the customer service that your competitors can’t?


  • are you a small, new company with little experience?
  • is your business savvy so bad that you can’t even develop a professional corporate identity?
  • can you even provide the product/service you claim?

Businesses Beware!

Creativity: what 99.9% of the “graphics designer” population lacks

Business Savvy: what 99.9% of the “marketer” population lacks

Business savvy and creativity cannot be taught in school. With the booming digital era, and many students are attending graphics design technical institutes. Be very careful of dealing with “independent contractors”, or new, small “marketing companies” which claim to be able to provide everything under the sun, for the price of virtually nothing.

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